My names are Akinyosoye Tolulope Valentino I was Born on March 26th, 198x to Chief Mr. & Mrs Akinyosoye, I was the third born of Four child, am a good Christian as well  I attended Crown Nursery and Primary School.  I also Attended School of Science as my Secondary School.  I have my OND Certificate in The Polytechnic Ibadan (2007) 

am now into business line  while am the C.E.O of Mummy’s Grace Nig. Ltd. Which is located at Apata II Junction, Ondo Rd where we Import & Export of Cement, Chemicals, Nails, Keys, Iron Sheets, Digger, Shovels, Cutlass, Hoes, Brush, Saw, Hand Trowel, Head Pan, Wheel Barrow. e.t.c.


Downloading of mp3, Bible, Quran,  Dictionary, Messengers, Opera mini e.t.c to any phones e.g China Phone, Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, Memory Card and so on….

 I am not handsome as you can see but Monkey didnt fine but his mum love, nor am I an expert in every field.....but I am sincere and my sincerity is my credential..... I am a quiet, nice guy, independent, i don't like people who lie, cheat or steal.. i am basically very straight forward but u have high principle, i like to judge people for myself, i don't go on others opinion, i don't care about anyone drama, i don't have drama i am drama free, i don't believe in doing wrong to others, i believe it comes on to you  times a fold ,,,, i am easy-going person i don't go by others version i do what i want anything about myself i could never flaunt many people judge what they don't know never knowing and judging is what makes our minds not grow i observe from the side to keep people away from my heart feelings and pride i know who i am inside love is just a fairytale that some sick bastard made to show you how life can fail in many ways i have been burned from that i have to learn so to all that i close my inside from the world to know i never have to feel there pain for when i am sad i sit in the rain knowing past and future can be different and some things can be transparent mysterious in my own way mind games noon will ever be able to play i do not stop to that level nor will I subject myself to others level.

I love to use what i have to help those who are in need cos i believe that life is not all about seeking what you want only, but its all about trying to show concern towards others need. The logic is just that, the more you give, the more you get. have lots of dreams in life and am gradually achieving them cos i have a focus mind and a good determination.
I love to eat...but i don't weigh more than 70kg!! i'm a size 6-8 but i'm not Handsome as you can see. lol. i love music and American movies,  Ghana movies and Cattons.

I don't keep too many friends, but the few i have, i love them I love to meet people with high thinking and well focused. i love taking pictures, clothing and having fun...which could be in weird ways sometimes. I love writing and reading and picture editing…..Stay tuned 4 more of me. To know more about me add me on with or  My BBM Pin is 21E44F58


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